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Enjoy our tips to the Vejle

Vejle Cultural Museum

Dive into the cultural history of us. Vejle Cultural Museum is a pleasure to visit for both children and adults. Start out by greeting the Haraldskær Woman – one of the world’s best preserved bog bodies (she is more than 2,000 years old!). Afterwards, in an eight-meter-long archaeological dig box, children can excavate skeletons and treasure hunt with a metal detector, and further into the museum you can experience a good old Danish disco and party like it’s 1990. End the visit in the indoor backyard playground.

The monuments at Jelling

In the small village of Jelling, you will find royal monuments from the Viking period. Most spectacular are the two rune stones raised by Gorm the Old and his son Harald Bluetooth (yes, the wireless technology is named after him!). Harald Bluetooth is said to be the king who unified the kingdom and converted the Danes to Christianity. In 1993, the monuments were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Experience Center and dive into the stories about the Vikings, their runestones, ship settings and much more.

Vejle Art Museum

Visit our neighbors! Right next to The Note, you’ll find the city’s art museum. The history of the museum began in the 1890’s when some of Vejle’s citizens donated finds to establish a public museum for the whole city. The current museum building was built in 2007 and designed by Kim Utzon Architects. Experiences artwork by both local classical artists as well as contemporary art. Free admission.

Vejle Waterfront

Go for a walk by the waterfront – an exciting and modern area with lots of places to relax and enjoy the view. Enjoy the Vejle landmark – “Bølgen” (The Wave) – designed by Henning Larsen Architects. The famous apartment complex consists of five waves, each nine stories high. And there’s more – by the waterfront, you will also see the iconic building “Fjordenhus” (House of the Inlet) designed by word-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Elisasson.


A centre of sustainability. At Økolariet, you can learn about a sustainable future and how to get there in a fun and engaging way. The center opened in 2003 as a part of Vejle’s implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Free admission.

Vejle City Center

Follow the main pedestrian street – Søndergade, Torvegade, Nørregade and Vestergade – or explore the narrow side streets. Here, you will find lots of interesting stores and cafes. In the northern part of the pedestrian street, at Nørretorv, you can enjoy the colourful umbrella sky from April to October.

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